Step by step Process

The marriage process is relatively simple when dealing with County jails or immigration facilities. It is a little more time consuming, but in most cases possible, when dealing with State or Federal prisons.

Following is the step by step process:


When needed, we will help you get the approval to marry in the facility where the inmate is located (marriages in the Los Angeles County require prior approval from the Sheriff legal department).


We will send our notary to visit the inmate and make him sign the marriage paperwork.


Our minister will meet with you (the non-incarcerated person) at the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office, to buy the marriage license. By County Recorder regulation, when there is an inmate involved, the minister must be present when getting a marriage license. You will leave the place with your marriage license in hands.


Meeting with you at the facility to officiate your marriage during visiting time.


After the ceremony, our minister will file the marriage license with the County Recorder, so your marriage can be recorded.


You will receive your marriage certificate within 3 to 10 weeks, timing depending on the county where you got your marriage license.